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RL-1 Carbon 6 Arrow Quiver

New for 2022, Redline Bowhunting has created the sleekest and most innovative quivers on the market. The RL-1 carbon 6 arrow quiver with a 9.7 oz weight is among the lightest ever manufactured. The soft-touch rubber arrow insert eliminates noise and allows both small and large diameter arrows to securely lock in place. Developed from over 100 years of experience in the industry the RL-1 is purpose-built for perfection. 

  • All Carbon Design 
  • Weight: 9.7oz 
  • Total Length 20"
  • Base of Hood to Gripper Length 17" 
  • Secures small and large diameter arrows
  • Quick Detach Bracket
  • Soft Tough Rubber Hood Insert  

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Francisco Chavez
Solid Quiver!

Durable, Lightweight and Low-Profile. Easily attaches/detaches using a solid clamp system.


Very well built tool
For the hunt

RL-1 Quiver

Fantastic quiver!! Very lightweight and easy to remove

Spectacular Quiver

Love this quiver! I have it set up on my Mathews V3 and the adjustability of it is the best part. It's sitting VERY close to the riser. Not quite as close as the low profile quiver offered by mathews but at least with this Redline model, I'm not stuck with shooting mathews forever and can put it on another bow. Great quality!

Christopher Conklin
Chris Conklin - Hunter - Michigan

RL-1 6 Carbon Arrow Quiver. I have installed and real like the way it is built. Strong and simple design. I personally do not shoot with a quiver on because is a balance thing for me. I do bear hunts in Edmonton north of Fort McMurry and always keep my quiver beside me and wish you had a cable loop so i can hang it. I put one on myself and have in the past for my other quivers. I also have the 2 pin Torch, which my cousin, John Seliga (OUTTECH) turned me on to. I really like that sight. I have crappy eye sight and put a lens in it (smart to do that). Usually, i would have to go to a different company for that. My archery store in MI is (SunRise Archery-Fenton, MI). They have a great selection. Keep up the good work. You have well made products. Price point is spot on... Take Care.

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