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RL 3/16" Peep Sight

Ensure a perfect circle to look through at full draw every time with the RL Peep. Made of machined aluminum, this new sight design features CNC milling on all exterior edges. The RL-BB Sight offers a perfect circular view on every draw, regardless of draw length and ATA bows.

  • 3/16" Peep Sight
  • High performance, high strength peep sight for archers.
  • Aluminum construction with CNC milling on all exterior edges.
  • Easy to install - will not cut strings

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
BB Archery Sales & Service - MO
excellent 3/16 peep for any bow

what a great peep .easy to install and adjust....will work on any bow

Reedy's Archery
No problems with the peeps at all we have sold hundreds

Sold hundreds not one problem

Wildcat Archery & Hunting
Angel is wrong

The angle, for the peeps is wrong it does not say square in the string at fool, bro

Saddle River Range - SI #1302
RedLine Peeps

The first thing I ever look at on a peep is "are there ANY sharp edges" The edges on the RedLines are well rounded so I ordered some. I used them all and ordered more! I have had no issues with them.

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