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RL-2 3 Pin Slider Bow Sight

The RL-2 Three pin slider bow sight was built to offer functionality and maximum adjustability while still remaining sleek and stylish at just 10.2 ounces. Whether hiking the mountains out west for bugling elk or finding yourself 20 ft up in a tree during the rut the RL-2 was built for the weight conscious rugged hunter in mind.

Pin Configuration: 3 Pin  
Weight: 10.2 oz
Axis Adjustments: Adjustable 2nd and 3rd axis
2 Upper - .019 & Lower - .010 Fiber Optic Pins
    • Tool free locking adjustment knob
    • Precise Adjustment windage knob
    • Removable quick acquisition RL sight ring
    • Enclosed fiber optic ring
    • Adjustable yardage pointer
    • Bubble level
    • Yardage Tape Included

    Single version available

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 34 reviews
    Brent Potts
    RL-2 3pin slider

    Best slider sight I have ever used. I do wish the would come out with a center mass bar for my bowtech.

    Travis Bishop
    RL-2 3 pin Slider

    Awesome 3 pin sight to take you to the next level if shooting, able to set up easily with some knowledge of leveling. Able to keep your standard 20, 30, and 40 locked in, with the ease of reaching out farther with just a turn.
    Would recomend to all me fellow shooters. And the warranty is the best hands down. Thanks for making an awesome sight that don't hurt the wallet

    Chris B
    The sight when 100% amazing! Warranty even better!

    I do have to say I'm impressed with the warranty, had an issue with my sight and the sent me a new one. I was supposed to send the old one back, but noticed that the sight light on the new sight that came in didn't fit, so I used parts from the old sight to be able to have a perfectly good working sight and now I got spare parts just in case! They haven't asked for the old sight and I'm more than sure if I would've mentioned the issue they would've exchanged it for one that's good. Overall great products, they did send a couzie and a wrist sling free of charge, just have to say that the wrist sling itself is very comfortable and holds firm in place, have yet to use the couzie lol

    Dalton M.
    RL-2 3 pin slider bracket mount / Aswell as Customer Service

    First off WOW! What’s a Great product without breaking the bank! As I began my search for a 3 pin slider sight I quickly realized there is a wide range of price and many brand options. I’m not a must have the most expensive newest gadget kind of guy. Im more so the budget minded without lacking capability. This sight is just that! At the price point I was weary of the products quality itself. Until I opened the package a quickly realized quality was not skimped on any! Very well built and rugged feel to the sight as well as a very slick look!

    As this is my first slider style sight I was diving into a realm I was very unfamiliar with. In the process of setting up the sight I ran into a minor hiccup. However a few phone calls and emails later with RedLine Customer Service rep I was quickly on track. Their customer service was Timely and very informative.

    All in all after 4 days of shooting I am super pleased with the RL-2 3 Pin Slider Sight. Today was my first time shooting out to 100 yrds not a tight group but 3/3 arrows on the foam!

    Pictured below is the sight installed aswell as my 20yrd group and 100yrd arrows. (Yes, that’s a mattress backstop. “you might be redneck if…”)

    Thank you Redline for an awesome product at an affordable price!

    zachary bohm
    Works as expected!

    Was weary about the product until I got my hands on it. Materials and pieces are sturdy, easy set up and the positive stop on the slider wheel is a deal breaker.

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