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They must be in original condition

For clothing, unwashed and unwornIn the original packaging

Free gifts or promotional items are not returnable!

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Yes. We ship internationally! If you do not see your country listed please contact us. Please note that the buyer is responsible for duties, taxes, tariffs and brokrage fees upon delivery.

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Yes, Shoot us an email at

Or call/text us at 1-844-RED-HUNT and we will help you take care of this.

Shoot us an email at

Or call/text us at 1-844-RED-HUNT and we will help you take care of this.


The Redline Guarantee:  At Redline, we strive for perfection, but we also know that things don’t always turn out perfectly.  That’s why we 100% stand by all of our products.  If you have any issues, we will make them right.  Guaranteed.  We also warrant all of our products against any manufacturing defects for up to one year after your purchase date. 

Our products are sourced globally with partners that we have been working with for over 10 years. They build quality heavy-duty products that are incredibly reliable. We know archery equipment isn't cheap and we like to be able to offer our customers a quality product at a reasonable price.

Be sure to visit the product page for the item you are interested in purchasing and enter your email address.  You will receive an in-stock product notification email once the item is loaded for sale on the website. 


We will not be working with a distributor for Canadian dealers for 2022, but we plan to offer our products for sale in Canada through dealers in 2023. 

Yes.  We are currently formulating our Military/First Responder discount program and will have more information soon.

All sights have .019 fiber optics currently.  

We do not offer any sights with .011 diameter at this time but may add this variation to the lineup in the future. 

Yes, we will have a V3X-specific sight coming out around 4/1/22.

No, we do not plan to make a picatinny mounted sight for Hoyt In-Line bows.

We use Ambush Green for our green-colored sights.

Lenses can be added to:

RL-006-3, RL-3 3 Pin

RL-006-3-LH, RL-3 3 Pin (Left-Handed)

RL-006-5, RL-3 5 Pin

RL-009-3, RL-2 Dovetail 3 Pin

RL-009-5, RL-2 Dovetail 5 Pin

RL-008-, RL-1 Carbon 1 Pin

RL-008-3, RL-1 Carbon 3 Pin

The Mathews-only Sight

*Lenses must be 46 mm to fit any of the above. 



RL-005-1 Gray

RL-005-1 Green




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