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RL-2 Dovetail 3 & 5 Pin Bow Sight

Pins: 3 Pin
Color: Black

The RL-2 Dovetail 3 & 5 Pin Slider Bow Sight offers you functionality and maximum adjustability while remaining sleek, stylish and lightweight. With an expertly CNC machined aluminum dovetail and aluminum housing, this sight is built to survive any situation you’ll throw at it. The Rl-2 Dovetail also offers you the benefits of a dovetail multi-pin sight, but with a – specifically purpose-built for any hunting scenarios you may encounter.

Pin Configuration: 3 or 5 Pin
Weight: 12.8 OZ
Axis Adjustments: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd axis

  • .019 fiber optic pins
  • Tool free locking adjustment knob
  • Precise Adjustment windage knob
  • Enclosed fiber optic ring
  • Customizable/ Removable quick acquisition RL sight ring
  • Adjustable yardage pointer
  • Ultra-smooth wheel adjustment
  • Bubble level
  • Yardage Tape Included
  • Rheostat Light included
  • Housing OD: 50 mm
  • Housing ID: 42mm
  • 44.5 mm Lens Capable


    This sight is not compatible with the Mathew's Archery Bridge-Lock™, However the RL-2 DTM Single & 3 Pin Bow Sight is compatible with the Mathew's Archery Bridge-Lock™ port on the V3X and Phase 4 Bows. 

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 29 reviews
      Very good but it came with problems

      The sight is overall a solid sight but when it came to getting it lined up I went to loosen one of my pins and the bolt twisted off and I cannot find a replacement this is really disappointing and frustrating, Is there anything i can do to fix this

      Good but had issues

      Alll in all i like it, i had one issue with it which was the middle pin would get stuck so it was extremely hard to adjust for 30yrds, the middle pin got stripped out anyways though so now i hav the rl-2 2pin dtm lmao, customer service was nice enough to send a new bolt to try but it was the actual pin threads not the bolt threads apparently:/ i think where the middle pin sits in its groove of the sight housing was not completely machined out is what cause it to get stuck and be almost impossible to move

      Gavin Johnson
      Rl2 3 pin

      The sight is build well but when setting it up I followed how it was supposed to be set up and with the sight all the way down like mentioned on set up my pins were all the way in the bottom of the scope therefore I had no more adjustment. I had to dial my sight down with my wheel to set my 20 yard so when I put the sight tape on it was 1/2 in below the top of the max hight of the adjustable so I can’t use the full range of the sight. My buddy got a single pin and is having the same issues. I wouldn’t recommend wasting your money on their sights..

      Dakota bebon

      This sight is amazing… the custom service is even better.. in 20 minutes I was out to shooting groups like this out to 60 yards . I would never switch sights again.. only thing I would want different is a .10 pin for the third pin to make those farther shots just a tad more accurate. But over all this is a 10/10 sight

      Anthony Rodriguez

      RL-2 Dovetail 3 & 5 Pin Bow Sight

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