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RL-2 DTM Single & 3 Pin Bow Sight

Pins: Single Pin

The RL-2 DTM Single and 3-Pin Slider Bow Sight is one of the newest additions to the Redline Bowhunting family of bow sights.  Sleek, lightweight, yet extremely rugged, the Rl-2 DTM offers maximum adjustability with adjustable 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Axis adjustments. The DTM sports a .019 fiber optic pin as the single pin, while the 3-pin DTM offers two .019 fiber optic pins on the top, and a .010 pin for the bottom floater for your further distance shots. This Dovetail sight is ideal for any bow and shooter looking for a dovetail bow sight and is compatible with the Mathew's Archery Bridge-Lock™ port on the V3X Bows. 

Pin Configuration: Single Pin Sight - .019 Fiber Optic Pin
3-Pin Sight- (2) Upper .019 & Lower .010 Fiber Optic Pins

Axis Adjustments: Adjustable 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Axis

  • Mathews Bridge-Lock™ Compatible Dovetail
  • Tool-free locking adjustment knob
  • Precise Adjustment windage knob
  • Enclosed Fiber Optic Ring
  • Quick Acquisition RL Sight Ring
  • Adjustable Yardage Pointer
  • Ultra-Smooth Wheel Adjustment
  • Rheostat Light Included
  • Bubble Level
  • Yardage Tapes Included
  • Weight: 12.5 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Need a wider rail to apply yardage tape

Overall I love the sight right up until it was time to apply my yardage tape. First of all, the rail where you apply the tape is way too small for the tape to properly stick. There's almost nothing to attach the tape to. Second, once you do manage to get the tape on, the sight tape is so dang small it's almost impossible to read the yardages, especially in a bowhunting situation where you have low light. When the font on the yardage tape is the same size as the font on the word "Liberty" on a dime, you know it's small. It's too bad because it's a great sight, but I will probably not use it for hunting. My old sight was a true glow single pin slider and it was very easy to read the yardage tape.

Michael Street
Good sight

Hard to beat for the money. Customers service is top notch!


Extraordinary engineering and craftsmanship! Installed Rl-2 single pin and sighted in within an hour. Thanks Redline crew.

William Hurt
Great sight, even better customer service.

I was having some issues sighting in my new RL-2 DTM 3-pin. I contacted Redline and they immediately put me in contact with Wess. He wasted no time getting me on the phone multiple times throughout the week to determine the issue I was having. Even after figuring out that it was an issue with the setup of my bow, not the sight, Wess continued to help and offer great insight. Having that kind of support from a company is rare; for an employee to provide service beyond the responsibilities of their job is a testament to the passion they possess for this sport.

Although already impressed by the quality construction and feel of the sight, I’m even more impressed by the help provided. I would recommend these sights and company to anyone after the effort displayed.

Nick Troutman
Awesome sight

This sight is great..would definitely recommend..features are great..get one

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