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RL Bow Case

The RL Bow Case is a simple yet effective padded soft bow case that accommodates a bow up to 38” in length to keep your bow protected during travel. The Bow Case has an exterior rangefinder and release stow pocket, and an arrow pocket to keep your quiver, arrows, and accessories with it all in one place.
  • Soft Bow Case Accommodates One Bow Up to 38" in Overall Length
  • Wide 4" Deep Main Pocket
  • Exterior Rangefinder & Release Stow Pocket
  • Exterior Arrow Pocket
  • 34" in Length
  • Dimensions: 41"x18"x4"

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Weston Schrank

Solid soft bow case

No securing straps

Just got this case. Nice case, looks good. The main issue I have is there is not a way to secure the bow in the case. No straps to keep the from sliding around in the case. A strap with a 4 square inch pad of velcro for each end of the riser would solve the issue.

Rod Swanson
Full featured Bowcase

Love this product, has all the pockets to cover a complete line of accessories an archer carries. Great Logo sets off the look as well to compliment the camo.

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