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Based on 179 reviews
Second one

First one failed after 3 weeks yardage knob stripped. It was replaced so far so good after 2 weeks of use. Orders the color of green twice. As other people have mentioned they send grey in a box labeled green. There isn’t a hint of green, it’s very grey.

Awesome Sight for a Great Price

My first impression is the sight is made very well, it is very light, super bright pins, comes with everything you need to mount it, I like both the metal and vinyl tapes. I have had no issues with it yet but have not had it on my bow very long. The true test will be when I hunt Alaska this year. It looks very durable so I think it will do well. It took a little longer to set up for me coming from only using Black Gold Sights, but that was expected. Packed full of features that you would find on much more expensive sights.

Redline RL-2 Dovetail 5pin sight

Great sight , well made .I love the toolless features. Easy to adjust ,bright pins

Great sight

My favorite of all my sights!!!

RL Torch 2 Pin Sight
Cheyenne Dyarman
Great BUT!!!

First off customer service is awesome took care of me right way. Now to the but . I bought my sight brand new from a very well known shop got it home mounted on my bow and was very excited till I unlocked the daily knob and it was loud and vibration was horrible from it dragging down the sight rail so watched the YouTube video on the redline page and still same thing with it since then I've sent back two and the third one is still the same way so now I'm out $300 for a sight that I loud and has horrible vibration when using the dial wheel. Sight is the standard mounting bracket and not the dovetail love the sight customer service is awesome just wish it didn't have the vibration and dragging noise


I recently upgraded from the RL-2 to the RL-2 DTM and I love it all the adjustability on the sight with 1st 2nd and 3rd axis sliding it in and out for target or hunting and the overall look of the sight! I recommend to any of my bow hunting friends!

Good sight... but.

The sight is good but I did see some areas that could be improved on. Mostly the track the the pins sit in could be thicker.
The rl3 three pin dovetail has a solid piece that would be great on this sight. Other than that it is good. Just be very gentle when moving the pins independently and tightening them.

RL-4 4 Pin Sight
Alan Cook
4 Pin sight

I absolutely love my new sight. The micro adjustments make tuning in my bow so simple. There was virtually no wait to receive the sight once I ordered it. Very pleased

Nock and Stalk's Review on the RL-2

I have been shooting archery for 20 years now. I have to say this sight is the easiest sight to set up and use. It is one of the lightest and most impressive for the money. Thank you Redline for such and awesome product.

RL-3 3 & 5 Pin Bow Sight
Mike Petruzzi

Well made components

I am in live with this sight. It has all the features I wanted in a moveabke sight. I found it simple to set up and use.

Great all around

First impression: Well built, light and smooth.
After install (that I did myself) I was confused and frustrated. I don't have a bow vise and all the fancy equipment to set all the axis. This is where I got very impressed with the customer service. I called many times and they bent over backwards to get things right. Ultimately I ended up going to a professional bow tune shop and found my bow was not set up correctly from the store. Once the pro got my bow to where it was supposed to be the sight was a piece of cake. I have yet had a chance to test out the sight past 30 yards. So far very impressed with everything I have used to this point.
I want to thank Hunter and Wes for all their time and support in my journey from fixed multi pin to a 3 pin slider.
Great product, Great price and Top Notch Customer Service.
Highly recommend any sight from this company

Great sight, but..

Great sight overall. Smooth, tons of adjustability. The pins are super fragile. Be very careful with these things. My bow was knocked over at a 3D range and my 30 yard pin snapped off and my 40 was bent against the 20.

RL-1 10" Stabilizer
Ken Norris
Awesome Service

Purchased the Trio Kit had a issue with the 10" stabilizer. Contacted Redline and they overnighted new one and I had the next morning at 9AM. Awesome product backbar bracket is very solid. Love ease of adjustment. Highly recommend.


Own a Archery shop we see every sight out there. RedLine sights are some of the best. Extremely well built and durable. These sights compare to sights twice there price. We are extremely happy to be able to offer these quality sights in our shop.

RL-3 5 Arrow Quiver
Scott Clarke
RL -3 quiver

Light weight, good craftsmenship. If I had 1 complaint it would be the thumb screw. I remove my quiver while in the stand or blind and can see this being lost easily(by me anyway). Otherwise very satisfied with the fit and feel

RL-1 12" Stabilizer
Scott Clarke
RL -1 stabilizer

Nice addition to my new setup,feels well balanced and has great looks

RL-1 10" Stabilizer
Gaberial Goentzel

I just recently bought a 10 inch stabilizer, brand new and when I opened the package, 1 of my 3 screwable weights on the end was rusted and crazy scratched. I am very disappointed and will not be buying anything from this company again.

Redline bow sling

This is my 1st bow sling. I put this on my sons bow. His bow is 31.5 ATA and it works great. It comes with a sight cover. He loves it.

Nice quiver

I was skeptical about this when I ordered it (coming from a tight spot quiver) and honestly I like it more. It’s a lot cheaper, holds arrows really tight without being hard to pull out which is what I look for in a quiver, and lastly it’s lighter than any other one I’ve seen. One thing I wish is the attachment could be aluminum instead of plastic so there’s no chance of breaking

RL-3 sight

Just installed the 3 pin RL -3 on my new setup, along with other RL equipment. The ease of adjustments was a welcome change and resulted in quick tuning. The crafstmanship in the product is awesome and the light was surprisingly bright. I cannot wait to put it to work next hunting season

Awesome shirt

Redline brand name in red really stands out and looks great on the black shirt. Great fit, too!

Good on redline

Everything you are reading about this sight is true. It is a great sight. But the reason I am here is to commend Redline for being such an awesome company. My sight broke, and they had me a new one in less than a week. When I called to discuss buying new parts I was able to immediately talk to a real human that was beyond helpful. They are playing for the return shipping of the old sight. And they through in some Redline swag with the new sight. I can not express how happy I am with Redline.


Two thoughts here:
1) I honestly expected it to be lighter. I’m familiar with high end carbon pieces in bicycles, and this seems cheap. It’s definitely heavier than I expected. Yeah, you can say heavy = durable, but that argument falls short with people who have experience with well made carbon bits and bobs. The hood is incredibly heavy as are the rods for what they could be. The hood could be coated in a thin rubber that would help quiet the hollow/tinny/loud sound of the overly thick carbon?/plastic shell.
2) the rubber inserts are pre-cut for a 3blade broadhead. It would be nice if the quiver included removable inserts with precuts for field-tips, 2 blade, and 3 blade tips. I hunt in AK and use 2 blades exclusively.

As far as positives….It’s a low profile, adjustable, and one of the only 2 widely available quivers. I just think that for the price, this thing should cost $60 or with some slight tweaks I’d pay $140 for a truly ultralight and fully featured quiver. Generally speaking I find most bows and accessories cheap and over priced. This quiver follows that model.

Quality sight

Looks well built

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