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Rl2 dtm

Sight is super solid I got the Mathews v3x and that sight fits like a glove

RL-2 DTM Single & 3 Pin Bow Sight
Summit Archery Center LLC - MO

Product is great only thing is the lights don’t work on some of them

RL-1 carbon single pin great sight

100% love this sight RL-1 carbon single pin like the fact that pin adjustment is least to greatest and that tape is on the inside of the sight.

RL-1 Carbon Single & 3 Pin Bow Sight
Grafton Archery & Outdoors
RL-1 Carbon Single & 3 Pin Bow Sight

This is a very good sight for the price. Customers seem to like it very much and i feel it will become a top brand as long as the quality remains good.

ingle Pin

This is my first single pin slider and it is WONDERFUL! Multiple mount holes coincide with the multiple sight holes on my PSE XF 33 This sight is all that I wanted it to be and more. Set up by the guys at Hoffman Archery in Virginia.

Great sight!

Been loving this sight! Well put together with lots of adjustment! Tunes easily and holds a tune. Highly recommend.


Love the sight with all the adjustments. All the sight tapes are great and was able to get my bow dialed in. It only took 15-30 minutes tops to get sighted in. Will be looking to get more products from them.

Everything you want/need for a fraction of the cost!

Absolutely amazing sight. Everything you would want and need from a bow sight at a very budget friendly price. Pins are bright, 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment is smooth and simple. Plenty of range on the slider for any bow you throw at it. I would be willing to put this sight up against any of the $400 sights. The ability to add a magnifier on the scope is an amazing feature that even the most expensive brands don’t have. If you’re in the market for a solid slider sight at a great price, this is the one to get!

First Class Company

I purchased an RL-3 (3 pin) dovetail sight. Amazing quality tooless adjustability. I had the sight installed set up and zeroed in instantly. I will absolutely be purchasing more from Redline. the icing on the cake was that I had a question and not only did a human answer the first try he was very knowledgeable and helpful and actually knows bows and accessories! he was able to immediately help me and gave me a quick history of the company and their philosophy. This is an A+ operation all the way. Thank You!

RL Back Bar
Brian Poe
Best I've Used

I've tried many backbar mounts and every one has worked loose at the riser or at the adjustment connections. I mounted the Redlin nearly 2 months ago and haven't touched it since. The no-slip design makes for a rock solid, highly adjustable mount at a fraction of what you would expect to pay.

Amazing Sight - Needs Vertical 1 Pin Option and LH

Incredible Sight. The machining is precise and clean. The fiber optics are BRIGHT. I AM impressed by the snugness in the Mathew's bridgelock. I would compare this sight to a Black Gold or Spot Hogg in the $400 range. The sliding wheel is silky smooth. Everything is solid and tight - no loose parts/joints. I love these sights! I will give 5 stars when they make a 1 pin vertical option and a Left Hand option. It is mind boggling that these options aren't available.

Thought of everything!!’

This sight is exceptional in every way. I’ve owned all the big name brand high dollar sights and this sight ranks right up there with all of them. It’s robust enough to handle back country elk hunts. The pins are bright and easily adjusted. The mounting system coupled with the vertical adjustment makes it a breeze to setup on any bow. I loved the first one so much I picked up another for my 3D Hunter class rig.

RL-1 Carbon Single & 3 Pin Bow Sight
Brian Poe (Poe Outdoors)

Where else can you find a high quality slider with a carbon bracket, tool free micro adjustments, bright pins, smooth as silk wheel, a light, lens capable and 2nd & 3rd axis at this price point? You can't. These sights are as good as it gets for 1/2 the money. Buy them, you won't be disappointed.

Excellent Quiver

I was excited to give the RL-1 a try to test out how it does. At first I was skeptic how it would hold smaller diameter arrows but the deeper pocket seems to do fine and the outer pocket will hold the larger diameter arrows as well. Love the quick attach/detach lever lock that does a great job and allows for plenty of adjustment to keep the quiver tight to the bow. Nice and light simplistic setup! Highly recommend!

RL-1 8" Stabilizer
Robert Kennedy
Fit's the tick

There are two things I look for when it comes to stabilizers- shock absorption and increased stability. This fits both of these prerequisites. The light carbon fiber tube allows for the weight of the stabilizer to be where it should be- at the end. This also allows for finer tuning when balancing your bow. With the rigidity of the carbon fiber, this also allows for the shock of the shot to transfer that energy to the end of the stabilizer where the shock absorption is found. I used this in conjunction with the 6" stabilizer as the back bar. Both of them together makes a kick a** set up.

RL-1 Carbon 3 Arrow Quiver
Robert Kennedy
My Go To Quiver

This quiver is excellent. The construction speaks to durability while still maintaining a sleek and light design. I tested the arrow grippers on some 4mm arrows, and it performs flawlessly in keeping the arrows locked into position. If you're nervous that your nano-diameter arrows could still slip on a spot and stalk; the form of the grippers actually allow you to push the arrows in further for some super grip. The inner hood design allows for both use of fixed and mechanical heads. The mounting option allows you to have it tight to the riser/strings or further away from your bow if needed (dovetail sight transportation needs). Overall, with my first hands on experience with it, I conclude it's a BANGER!

RL Back Bar
Jake B.
Solid V Bar!

Honestly nothing more is needed to be said than it’s amazing. Solid construction, great fit and finish, and overall pleased with the quality of this product. Anodizing matches both my bow and stabilizers. The numbers are clear and easy to use so you can set your back bar in any direction needed for balance. If you are looking for an affordable v bar without sacrificing quality this is one to get! If there is any negative to say it would be the mount does not come with a 5/16-24 bolt to mount to the back of your riser. Looks like it is meant to to be mounted in the front of your riser with your front stabilizer. Really not a huge deal as you can get one of these bolts at most hardware stores for 2 bucks. Again, very pleased with this mount and can not recommend it enough.

Clean and simple, like it should be

Stabilizers are stabilizers nowadays. Everyone makes them. But now it comes down to simple things like well built and coming with nice dampeners and weights. 3oz is great for nearly every hunting bow, and the matte color really looks great on rigs meant for the woods.

No frills, works great

Just an absolute no-frills style of quiver with a great price point to match. Rubber grippers work for .166-.246 diameter arrows, and the mounting system that pulls straight back allows for a flusher fit to the riser than 99% of the cheap quivers out there. I am a little upset with the length of the thumb screw that mounts the quiver to the bracket. Seems a little too short and just an extra turn or two and the whole nut falls out, potentially out of the tree in the woods. Other than that, it's a solid design.

Better than the Mathews LoPro!

I was able to mount this quiver to multiple bows using the beefiest rest I have (Hamskea Trinity). The long bracket and side-to-side bracket adjustment allows infinite clearance and I was able to suck the quiver closer to the riser than models nearly twice as pricey!

Built like a TANK

I've shot a bunch of 3-pin sights over the years, and this one is built like none other. All the axis adjustments, dovetail bracket, and sight rings are just machined well and certainly thought out well. My only complaint is the second pin is an amber color, which has a habit of disappearing on targets faster in lower light conditions. Other than that, it has tremendous clarity in the sight picture with the fine, metal pins.

Can't beat the options!

All of the axis adjustments are incredibly easy to work on with the witness marks and large bolts used. No fiddly little allen keys with this sight. The multiple mounting hole locations makes finding the right distance for peep alignment a snap.

Well constructed sight at an incredible price point

A great sight featuring 1/2/3rd axis adjustment, micro adjustment on the fly as well as being shipped with an led light. This thing os packed with features at an incredible price.

Just as good as a 400 dollar sight

I received my redline RL-2 today and right away I was amazed by the brightness of the pins I opened the box and found 20+ sight tapes and a dovetail mount with screws and Allen keys to fit every screw in the sight even a lil one for the pin it fit firmly in my bridge lock on my Mathew’s v3x and you can use this on any bow with the mount but It took me 10 mins and I was shooting softball groups at 50 and touching arrows at 20 I also like how you can turn there light on and it doesn’t star bust your pins there just as clear as if it was day time I’ve shot all kinds of sights but you can’t beat this sight it’s just as good of quality as all your top names I personally like it better then my spot hogg or cbe


First off the price is absolutely amazing, it's is sturdy, quiet, light weight, and holds nicely just clearing my arrow rest, it's a tight fit. Really holds that center line of the mathews v3x 33. Being a leftie, the fact that it's ambidextrous was big for me. When I start building my backup bow, this quiver will be on it, rest assure.

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