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Based on 115 reviews
Great customer service

The windage on the first sight I received would not adjust. One email later and a new sight arrived in three days.
Great sight, but the amber... not so much. I'll still buy the Redline when the need arises.

Good sight overall

Part of the sight is loose and I cannot seem to get it to fully tighten. Other than that super accurate and has helped my groupings a lot more now that my sight picture isn’t cluttered. I even got my first deer since having it the other day. I do recommend especially for the price it comes at.

RL-2 quiver

I love it. The only complaint I have is one of the screws came loose I tightened it up put some loctite on it, it hasn't come loose since. Also redline has the best customer service ever period.

3 pin

Loved the sight, it helped me harvest my first Archery mule deer buck! The only gripes I have with the sight is the pins don't seem bright at all. I have been messing with other sights and this Def. Lacks on that brightness especially in states where the lights are permitted. Overall heavy duty adjustable sight.

Phenomenal Sight - Best sight I have ever used

I have tried multiple sights - and this is the first sight that I was truly happy with. The lights are good! It is built well and not some cheap plastic. It is a solid sight and couldn't be more happier! This is definitely a sight I wont give up on. Can't wait until 3D season starts!


Very disappointed. 1st no instructions 2nd everything was over tightened. 3rd The light fell apart as soon as I removed the battery. 4th the anodizing is flaking off.

Need a wider rail to apply yardage tape

Overall I love the sight right up until it was time to apply my yardage tape. First of all, the rail where you apply the tape is way too small for the tape to properly stick. There's almost nothing to attach the tape to. Second, once you do manage to get the tape on, the sight tape is so dang small it's almost impossible to read the yardages, especially in a bowhunting situation where you have low light. When the font on the yardage tape is the same size as the font on the word "Liberty" on a dime, you know it's small. It's too bad because it's a great sight, but I will probably not use it for hunting. My old sight was a true glow single pin slider and it was very easy to read the yardage tape.

Great sight for a great price!

Mounted on Mathews V3X. First time using a single pin and very easy to operate! Only complaint is that my pin plastic molding it slightly angled to the right, not level with the bubble. Other than that no complaints. Killed one of my biggest bucks with a bow on the 2nd outing with this sight! I must add that customer service is incredible!


Absolutely in love with my redline single pin slider dial is smooth light weight goes great with my new elite envision only issue if you want to call it an issue was I wish it came with the light for my pin

Great sight, great price

RL-2 3 Pin Slider

The RL-2 is constructed well and was easy to sight in. Definitely recommend this sight to anyone in the market for one!

Awesome Sight!

Solid construction, smooth adjustments, easy access to everything. Highly recommend

Holy Cow - Amazing Sight

Had a friend recommend this sight to me - I have tried multiple brand sights and wasn’t finding my happy place with them. Then a buddy suggested this RL-2 - took it for the first indoor shoot - holy cow - it was perfect in every aspect that I needed! Can’t wait til 3D shoots come - this is build phenomenal! Now time to switch my wife’s sight!

RL-1 6" Stabilizer
Jake McHoe
Happy customer

Great stabilizer great customer service

RL2 and Redline Support Team

Great support from the REDLINE Team. Bought an incomplete sight (not knowing it when purchased) with many missing items, contacted REDLINE and they sent me a brand new sight with in days. Took the sight to the range and was able to sight in with minutes. Great sight from a Great Team with superiors support.


I recently purchased an RL-2 sight and I have completely fallen in love. This shot has improved my groupings tremendously and is so easy to use. Out of the package it took me about 30 minutes to get it dialed in out to 80 yards.

Bought this sight for my South Dakota spot and stalk hunt. Absolutely love it.

Redline trio

Absolutely love the product. Stabilizers and mount are very well made and can’t be more happy how it looks on my evl.

Best new Sight on the market

The sight is great and easy to sight in
The customer service is beyond good
Hey I will be get Redline products for a long time to come
Thank you for the great customer service

Good sight

Hard to beat for the money. Customers service is top notch!

Overall good sight

In my own ignorance I didn’t know the sight doesn’t come level when you mount it to your bow I would like to see some instructions added to ensure that you set up the sight and level it properly bc when level it is a wonderful sight that makes shooting accurately easy at long distances.

RL-1 6" Stabilizer
Burton Stoddard

The stablizer bolt comes loose very easy

RL Braided Wrist Sling
Donavon Boice

Very pleased with product and amazing customer service 10/10 will recommend to people looking for equipment

RL Bow Sling
Tim Dierks
Great product

Well worth the value! For future upgrades consider a pocket for thumb style releases. Overall great product so far and seems well made!

Great value for a quality sight!

I bought the black RL2 single pin from a retailer and it is a great value. The quality seems to be excellent as well. I have paid 3x the price for other single pin sigths and this one is more than adequate for hunting. I like the sight and the price so much, I ordered one in green the day after I received the black one.

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