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Poor quality controle

I was excited to get this set it had everything I was looking for all in one kit... and the price point is great... only problem is when I got mine installed my stabalizer bar wouldn't tighten up and stay in one position some one didn't inspect this very good before packaging because one of the bolts is cross threaded and won't allow it to snug down all the way once u get the bars where u like them

Great sight

This is one of the best sights I have ever used.

RL Scabbard
Joe Bartol
Great Bow Carrier

Holds my bowtech solution ss snuggly and well. Very well made and I also like the site cover as well!

Well worth the money. IT is well built, sturdy. I would recommend it to family and friends to look in to buying this sight. Great job guys


Have enjoyed this sight. Pro's, metal tapes are plentiful and should be able to find one for appropriate arrow speed. Cons, sight tape is at wrong angle to be able to easily see and scope dovetail is weak where it tied into sight. Easily caves in if you crank that knob down at all.

RL Bow Bag
Kevin Johnson
Nice bag

This bag is awesome. Can't believe it was free with my order. Definitely recommend

Multi Pin - Package
Kevin Johnson
Great deal great product

I am very impressed with price and quality. Received my order very quickly and accurately. Will order again when i need more sights

A Whole Lot Better Than Advertised

I took my Bridgelock Axcel five pin sight off and put the Redline Torch on my Lift for TAC Colorado this year. The sight is very good and performed just as it should, and is way better a sight than I am a shooter. If you're looking to get into a good slider sight without having to sell a kidney, this is the one.

And their customer service may - just may be their best trait. Dang near instant and they wanted me to be successful. I really appreciated that, and they made a fan of me.

RL-2 3 pin Review

Love the features of the sight however I have had issues with the sight in process because of hardware. Making adjustments for housing and now trying to move the pins to sight in. Other than that it’s a nice sight.

3 pin dovetail mount sight

So far the sight is awesome no complaints. Seems tough and and looks pretty sleek. The dove tail mount is worth the extra money

Rechargeable sight light

Awesome product I've used it alot here in the evenings at dusk practicing

RL Back Bar
Clay Buttrey
Side bar mount

Great product!

RL Torch Dovetail 2 Pin Sight
Margarita Santiago

RL Torch Dovetail 2 Pin Sight

RL Back Bar
Nathan Roberts
RL Back Bar

Awesome product. Honestly i cant see the differences between this system and the ones that are Double the price.

Great sight, minimal instructions

I love the RL Torch but have been frustrated by Redline's lack of instructions for setting it up. ZERO instructions are written for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd axes. Unfortunately, the YouTube videos are mainly a Redline tech talking for 20 minutes without showing much. Most of what I've learned about sighting in this sight has come from alternative YouTube channels.

They offer great products; but, Redline needs to do better with helping amateurs.

RL-4 4 Pin Sight
Perfect Gift

My dad absolutely loved this gift.

Great sight

I had a hard time setting my 20 at home but a quick trip to the bow shop and geting my prep setup for it and it’s great. I don’t think there is a better sight for the money

RL-3 3 & 5 Pin Bow Sight
Richard Green

Redline is a great sight easily adjusted we love them

R-L6” Stabilizer

A little heave but great balance in between it and the bow

RL-3 5 Arrow Quiver
Jason Hilliard
Good for price

Price is right for a 5 arrow quiver at this weight.

Top cover is a bit bulky. The plugs where the arrow tips go in are a bit odd, they are not the typical arrow-sized hole for the tip. The outermost two spots on the 5 arrow are a bit flimsy because it is just the rubber with no extra support. It is a bit snug to get out of the attachment point on the bow. This is good for noise but a bit of a pain getting out.

All of that being said I have been shooting with it, adding and removing arrows and have not had any issues.

Excellent company

Redline products are high quality equipment , excellent products that are built right and tough. Would recommend them to anyone , they have fast processing and shipping to get your order to you .

RL-1 Carbon 3 Arrow Quiver
Craig P Arnold
Everything and more.

Couldn't be happier with the quiver, light weight, top tier construction. The most important quality is it secures your arrows so they don't fall out. If you drive your four wheeler to the stand not a big deal. If you mobile hunt in dense cover you need a quiver that keeps your arrows secure.
And thank you for the veterans discount you provide, much appreciated!

Seeing the Light

I'm looking forward to using my lighted site this coming season. I like the fact it is easy to turn on and off and not having to worry about replacing the small batteries when you accidentally leave the light on.

RL-1 8" Stabilizer
William Jenkins
Great stabilizer

Great stabilizer. Does a great job steadying my bow. Helps make accurate shots everytime.

RL-3 5 Arrow Quiver
Redneck Archery

Great quivers light and durable

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