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Based on 361 reviews
Overall OK

I like the quiver, my only complaint is the hole alignment in the hood to the grippers. I can’t even put target tips in them.

Excellent Sight

I grew up shooting 3D with an adjustable single pin sight. The last 15 years I have hunted with a 5 pin sight but just never felt comfortable shooting with multiple pins. A guy use to shoot 3D with turned me onto the Redline Single pin slider sight. After getting it in and on my bow I absolutely love it. Super easy to set up and my groups are better than they’ve been in 15 years. So far I’m a huge fan of this sight.

RL Torch 2 Pin Sight
DeMarius Simmons
Awesome Sight

Great Sight and easy to sight in. I harvested my first deer already with it and I am pleased.

RL-3 5 Arrow Quiver
Miles Peek
Love redline!

Heavy duty feel and affordable. Definitely a fan!

Only complaint is I wish the back bar adjust side to side wasn’t as big so you can’t get that in between spot

Not as impressed as I had hoped to be

While there are a few things about the sight that I am satisfied with ( as I had figured I’d be from the pictures I could study) , for what this sight cost I’m not impressed. Gear teeth are a bit gritty and the micro windage adjust is not good. Very rough. The sight comes with a charger cord for the built in light but it can’t be plugged in with out removing the housing from the sight. Not a very thought out design. A cord with a 90 degree plug end would accommodate that. But that’s not what comes with it. No directions of any kind included in package. Thank goodness I’m a seasoned experienced archer that already knew what to do to set up and utilize the sight. Now granted, I shot Axcel target sights for many years so I have a habit of comparing everything to those and this sight is not in the same category as that , I admit that. But the things I mentioned here can be resolved by someone ( QC ) actually inspecting and manipulating each sight for workmanship and quality as well as confirmation of everything being in the package. Just my opinion…….

RL Torch 2 Pin Sight
Andy Gonzalez

RL Torch 2 Pin Sight

RL-1 Quiver

Fantastic quiver!! Very lightweight and easy to remove

Very satisfied

I received my sight tonight in the mail. Super easy install but I will definitely need to get my peep sight adjust since the sight sits much lower than my Fuse that I previously used. I was halfway down the tape just to be accurate at 20 yards. I did notice that the rheostat light that was supposed to be included was nowhere to be found though. I had heard the customer service was solid and reached out for a replacement to be sent. Within 10 minutes I had a response that a replacement was going to be sent out with an order confirmation which was much appreciated and definitely validated the solid customer service. Easy to adjust the alignment as well. Definitely would recommend this sight and company to others.

Very good but it came with problems

The sight is overall a solid sight but when it came to getting it lined up I went to loosen one of my pins and the bolt twisted off and I cannot find a replacement this is really disappointing and frustrating, Is there anything i can do to fix this

RL-1 10" Stabilizer
Brock Bain
10 inch Stabilizer

Stabilizer works good and they have great customer service

Solid Sight & Company

My RL-2 DTM 3 pin has amazing machining throughout the entire bow sight. And the critical adjustments hold tightly with no worries of a rattle or loosening in the field.
And the Communication I had with the Redline Bowhunting staff was to say the least exemplary!
I would recommend without hesitation to any serious Archery who puts their equipment to the test .


Rigged out my CP28 with all Redline equipment! All I have to say is incredible!

Guru is fire!

The guru rest is super easy to set up and performs flawlessly! It's quiet, fast, and everything you want in a rest.

RL-3 5 Arrow Quiver
Rob Armstrong
RL-3 5 Arrow Quiver

I bought the Redline RL-3 5 arrow quiver to go along with my stabilizer and sites. I like the way it looks; it performs as described with a tight quiet fit with a quick release function.

RL-3 3 & 5 Pin Bow Sight
Trethan Richter
RL-3 5 Pin

Easily the best sight that I have used for bow hunting! I don’t plan on switching anything about it for a long time. So easy to adjust and the light is great as well! It’s a great sight.

Good but had issues

Alll in all i like it, i had one issue with it which was the middle pin would get stuck so it was extremely hard to adjust for 30yrds, the middle pin got stripped out anyways though so now i hav the rl-2 2pin dtm lmao, customer service was nice enough to send a new bolt to try but it was the actual pin threads not the bolt threads apparently:/ i think where the middle pin sits in its groove of the sight housing was not completely machined out is what cause it to get stuck and be almost impossible to move

Instructions would be nice

As new a bow owner I rely a lot on YouTube to for how moving parts work on them. It might seem easy to seasoned people but pretty confusing when you’re starting out. I’ve been looking for instructions on installation and usage online everywhere and can’t find any.

Good simple but Needs to Be Slimmer

Everything mounted up very well, it came complete simple to install, nice toolless quiet adjustments, But when I tried mounting it to the lower set of holes on my bow the mount itself is too wide and needs be narrower by at least 3/16 to 3/8 of an inch. I am trying to a diamond XT compound bow. I want to modify it but I do not want to void my warranty by making it work better

Awesome quality product

Nice, Good Looking Product.
Low profile. Adjusts to fit bow👍🏻

Perfect fit

The 3 arrow quiver is perfect for a whitetail hunt in the Midwest! Light, quiet and easy to take off

RL-2 DTM Single Pin

Without a doubt the RL-2 is the best bow sight I’ve used this year. This is one of the most user friendly bow sights I have come across. I have already recommended it to multiple friends.

Very comfortable

We’ll priced and comfortable

Spectacular Quiver

Love this quiver! I have it set up on my Mathews V3 and the adjustability of it is the best part. It's sitting VERY close to the riser. Not quite as close as the low profile quiver offered by mathews but at least with this Redline model, I'm not stuck with shooting mathews forever and can put it on another bow. Great quality!

RL-1 8" Stabilizer
Derek Dilbeck

Super happy with the stabilizer, I have now decked out my bow in all redline accessories and couldn’t be happier.

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