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RL-3 5 Arrow Quiver

The RL-3 5 arrow has been built to provide functionality and quality at an affordable price. Coming in at 8.9oz the light weight design is perfect for most hunting situations. Boosting a double gripper 5 arrow quiver design, treestand loop, foam hood insert, 2 carbon bars, nylon quiver hood construction and quick detach quiver.

  • Carbon/nylon design
  • Weight 8.9oz
  • Total length 15.5”
  • Treestand loop
  • Quick detach bracket
  • Foam hood insert

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Scott Clarke
RL -3 quiver

Light weight, good craftsmenship. If I had 1 complaint it would be the thumb screw. I remove my quiver while in the stand or blind and can see this being lost easily(by me anyway). Otherwise very satisfied with the fit and feel

Nice quiver

I was skeptical about this when I ordered it (coming from a tight spot quiver) and honestly I like it more. It’s a lot cheaper, holds arrows really tight without being hard to pull out which is what I look for in a quiver, and lastly it’s lighter than any other one I’ve seen. One thing I wish is the attachment could be aluminum instead of plastic so there’s no chance of breaking

Quality product

This, paired with my redline sight, and stabilizer, is slicker than a minnow d*ck on my Athens vista 35

No frills, works great

Just an absolute no-frills style of quiver with a great price point to match. Rubber grippers work for .166-.246 diameter arrows, and the mounting system that pulls straight back allows for a flusher fit to the riser than 99% of the cheap quivers out there. I am a little upset with the length of the thumb screw that mounts the quiver to the bracket. Seems a little too short and just an extra turn or two and the whole nut falls out, potentially out of the tree in the woods. Other than that, it's a solid design.


First off the price is absolutely amazing, it's is sturdy, quiet, light weight, and holds nicely just clearing my arrow rest, it's a tight fit. Really holds that center line of the mathews v3x 33. Being a leftie, the fact that it's ambidextrous was big for me. When I start building my backup bow, this quiver will be on it, rest assure.

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