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RL-2 Carbon Hybrid 5 Arrow Quiver

Following in the footsteps of the RL-1 Carbon quivers, the RL-2 Carbon/Aluminum Hybrid Design has been designed to be the most functional, rigid, and lightweight quivers you'll ever trust on the side of your bow. With a total weight of 10.4 oz it's still among the lightest weights in the industry especially considering the 5 arrow stow. The quiver has an ambidextrous design, soft-touch rubber hood insert, quick detach bracket, and treestand loop if you decide to take it off your bow in the stand. The Rl-2 is loaded with features and design, and worthy of your trust whether on the western slopes or eastern woodlands. 

  • Carbon/Aluminum Hybrid Design
  • Weight 10.4 oz
  • Total Length 15.25
  • Treestand Loop
  • Quick Detach Bracket
  • Soft Touch Rubber Hood Insert
  • Ambidextrous Design

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

Great quiver, holds my arrows securely. Doesn’t have parts that rattle like other quivers I have owned. Works best if you put the arrows in and slide into the rubber pieces that hold your broadheads.

Sturdy build nice unit.

Really pleased with the overall build quality, good stiffness and the latch cams over nicely.

Nice Quiver

Good quality for a great price.

George Antoniou
The best Quiver

I bought the last month this quiver and is the I have ever used the arrows stack there and doesn’t go anywhere doesn’t matter if it’s thickness. Best Quality Best Product Best Company

Thomas Sword
RL-2 review.

Fit and finish on the RL-2 is awesome. Everything is assembled nicely and all of the edges are nice and smooth. The arrow retention is great. I tried it on multiple size shafts. I like the quick release design, but it needs a little fine tuning. One turn too much and it will not hold securely. Tighten it back that one turn and it's a little hard to get off the bow. If it had a half turn or maybe a delrin bushing it would slide off the mount easily. All in all I still purchase again if needed.

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