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RL-1 Carbon 3 Arrow Quiver

New for 2022, Redline Bowhunting has created the sleekest and most innovative quivers on the market. The RL-1 carbon 3 arrow quiver with a 6.5 oz weight is among the lightest ever manufactured. The soft-touch rubber arrow insert eliminates noise and allows both small and large diameter arrows to securely lock in place. Developed from over 100 years of experience in the industry the RL-1 is purpose-built for perfection. 

  • All Carbon Design 
  • Weight: 6.5oz 
  • Total Length 18.25"
  • Base of Hood to Gripper Length 15" 
  • Secures small and large diameter arrows
  • Quick Detach Bracket
  • Soft Tough Rubber Hood Insert  

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Robert Kennedy
    My Go To Quiver

    This quiver is excellent. The construction speaks to durability while still maintaining a sleek and light design. I tested the arrow grippers on some 4mm arrows, and it performs flawlessly in keeping the arrows locked into position. If you're nervous that your nano-diameter arrows could still slip on a spot and stalk; the form of the grippers actually allow you to push the arrows in further for some super grip. The inner hood design allows for both use of fixed and mechanical heads. The mounting option allows you to have it tight to the riser/strings or further away from your bow if needed (dovetail sight transportation needs). Overall, with my first hands on experience with it, I conclude it's a BANGER!

    Better than the Mathews LoPro!

    I was able to mount this quiver to multiple bows using the beefiest rest I have (Hamskea Trinity). The long bracket and side-to-side bracket adjustment allows infinite clearance and I was able to suck the quiver closer to the riser than models nearly twice as pricey!

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