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RL Torch Dovetail 2 Pin Sight

Hand: Right
Color: Grey

Ignited from guts, passion, and sleepless nights - the Torch is a sight that can match your aggression in the woods ounce for ounce, yard by yard. We didn’t settle until every aspect of the sight was fit for any range, any scenario, and any hunt. Whatever you throw at this sight, it will throw flawless performance back, just as we intended.
  • USB Rechargeable Integrated 4 Stage Sight Light 
  • Right/Left Dual Yardage Tapes
  • Brass Self-Lubricating Micro Windage Adjustment 
  • Dual Vertical Pins [0.019] & [Adjustable .010] 
  • Internal Metal Tape Yardage 
  • Dual Gear Driven, Ultra Smooth & Precise Wheel Driven Slider
  • Quick Flip to Adjustable Hard Stop Sets on Wheel Slider for Quick Yardage Selection 
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Axis Adjustments 
  • Bubble Level 
  • Fixed Bracket Sight Weight: 11 oz
  • Dovetail Sight Weight: 13 oz
  • Battery Life: 8 Hours Straight Run Time
  • Recharge Time: 1 Hour

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Max Mohr
Love this sight

Honestly the best and easiest sight to work with. Worth the money for sure

Dmitri Brown-Winfield
It’s HOT

Torch is everything I thought it would be. Fire!!!!

Ryan Kampf
Torch 2pin Dovetail

The sight is constructed very well. I had a little play in the elevation wheel which was not able to be fixed. However, the customer service was incredible and they were able to replace the sight and I have no issues with the replacement. The pins are very visible and the built in sight light is perfect with the adjustability. My only complaint is the paper sight tapes don’t work. Sighting in the metal tapes were very easy. Shooting a Mathews phase 4 at 70lbs I ended up with metal tape (33). None of the paper tapes will match this. Besides that, the sight is a great hunting sight and again the customer service was exceptional.

Redline Torch sight

Love this sight. It has everything you need in a sight and is fully adjustable on all axis. I have more expensive sights and the torch out performs them.

James Wallace
Love the sight, but there needs to be some changes to suit everyone!

Once the three axis is set. It is easy to set. I love the dial stop for 20 yds. One thing that I wished was changed was the bar attachment to the sight. The sight is suited for bridgelock, but for those that don’t have it, almost run out of windage adjustment. Because of that, it is also hard to read the inside tape if you needed to. I wish they would make an attachment to change the the piece that that curves to attach to the sight off the bar to a straight piece. It would be easier to see the inside sight tape and give you more gang adjustment for windage. This would also help with the charging port for the light. Right now, I have to loosen the windage gang adjust meant just to be able to charge the internal light.

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