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Design, Develop, Test, Repeat– this is the maxim of our Redline Team. Our origins lie within experienced and passionate hunters in Ohio and Pennsylvania, with collectively, over 100 years of experience in the outdoors and the outdoor industry. From this we had the realization that improvement and the perfection of bow hunting accessories not only could be achieved…but should. The culmination of decades of ideas with 24 months of design, research and testing gave birth to a brand that delivers hunters and archers with accessories that deliver purpose-built products, built for perfection. We were born from imperfection, but promise to deliver what the industry and bow hunters deserve. Perfection lies within the combination of three simple elements. Bowhunting accessories should one, contain every feature needed by a hunter for the hunt, two, be highly engineered with the best/highest quality materials, and finally and most importantly, cost only what the everyday bowhunter can afford.

Our bow sights, quivers, stabilizers are born from these elements and thus are some of the most lightweight, rugged, feature-rich, yet affordable bow hunting accessories on the market.

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