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Introducing the GURU Arrow Rest

  • 1 min read

Introducing the GURU Arrow Rest

The GURU Arrow Rest - Available Now 

GURU Arrow Rest Features and Specs: MSRP: $179.99

The GURU Full Capture Fall-Away Arrow Rest by Redline Bowhunting and Powered by AAE features the AAE Exclusive Silent Draw Pig Hyde, Delayed Sear System, and an internal anti-bounce back feature. The GURU arrow rest has a 5x longer cycle life than any competitor on the market with a 250k+ average life cycle. The GURU offers target level accuracy but it's designed for the hunt. The sear system in the rest is designed to make setup easy and simple, not having to worry about timing, as it's very forgiving. The Launcher once up, is locked and cannot be disengaged without activating the sear system (shooting it or turning forward the red activation knob). This allows the launcher to be in an exact consistent position throughout the entire shot cycle shot after shot, not affected by variances with the cable/string, it won't allow the launcher to be knocked or pushed down, and will not allow a bounce back.

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