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Redline Torch Bow Sight wins 3rd "Best in Show" ATA 2023

Redline Torch Bow Sight wins 3rd "Best in Show" ATA 2023

The New for 2023 Redline Torch Dovetail 2 Pin Bow Sight was an ATA 2023 show highlight, making a huge debut for the brand. With an overwhelming presence at the booth, the excitement and buildup for not just the Torch but the entire line of Redline Bow Hunting Accessories was a sign of an incredible year to come. Harnessed in "Project Red" - The torch brings together archery and bowhunting innovation with the experience and feedback of not just the Redline Staff, but the shop partners, technicians, ambassadors, and customers handling the accessories. Redline Bowhunting technician and field producer Wess Brown gives a summary at the show. 

The Redline Torch 2 Pin Bow Sight - NEW For 2023

Ignited from guts, passion, and sleepless nights - the Torch is a sight that can match your aggression in the woods ounce for ounce, yard by yard. We didn’t settle until every aspect of the sight was fit for any range, any scenario, and any hunt. Whatever you throw at this sight, it will throw flawless performance back, just as we intended.

  • USB Rechargeable Integrated 4 Stage Sight Light
  • Right/Left Dual Yardage Tapes
  • Brass Self-Lubricating Micro Windage Adjustment
  • Dual Vertical Pins [.019th ] & [adjustable .010th ]
  • Metal Tape Yardage (comes with 40 metal yardage tapes)
  • Dual Gear Driven, Ultra Smooth & Precise Wheel Driven Slider
  • Quick Flip to Adjustable Hard Stop Sets on Wheel Slider for Quick Yardage Selection 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Axis Adjustments
  • Bubble Level (comes with 3 - Green/Red/Blue)
  • Sight Weight: 11 oz for Fixed Bracket and 13 oz for Dovetail
  • Battery Life: 8 Hours Straight Run Time
  • Recharge Time: 1 Hour

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