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Redline Bowhunting ATA 2023 - What's in Store for Year 2?

  • 1 min read

Redline Bowhunting ATA 2023 - What's in Store for Year 2?

Redline Bowhunting was swarmed at ATA 2023, including placing 3rd best in show for 2023. With the brand's launch into the industry just last year at ATA 2022, what is in store for Year 2?

We asked the guys and by overwhelming response its a promise to include anyone and everyone in bow hunting innovation. This promise takes the form of Project Red - the driving force behind innovation being feedback, ideas, and testing by the brand's shop partners, technicians behind the counter, ambassadors, and of course the guys and gals using our gear out in the woods. The Torch, Our accessories, Project red, the brand...nothing would be in existence if it were not for the bow hunters support. 

We are taking that support and expanding the features, expanding the innovation behind products that fit in the niche we are filling...sights, quivers, and bow hunting accessories that are affordable for everyday bow hunters! 



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