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Single V.S. Multi Pin Bow Sights ft. Whitetail DNA

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Single V.S. Multi Pin Bow Sights ft. Whitetail DNA

Single V.S. Multi Pin Bow Sights

Featuring Whitetail DNA 

Alex Comstock walks through the debate behind a single pin versus multi pin bow sight. After trying a variety of our sights throughout the summer and fall, including the new Torch bow sight, Alex has a few advantages/disadvantages to layout for each sight. Ultimately this might help you decide which sight you want to end up with come hunting season!


Single Pin V.S. Multi Pin 

Single pin bow sights like the extremely popular RL-2 Single pin, offers some great advantages over multi pin, especially in regards to 3d shooting or hunting out west. 

Single Pin Advantages

  • Single Pin good for target shooting/3d long distances 
  • Open terrain/out west
  • No gap shooting/exact yardage dialing
  • cleaner sight picture/not busy with multiple pins

Single Pin Disadvantages 

  • Having to dial in the yardage, not ideal for quick shots
  • distance changing at full draw (game moves when you draw)

Multi-pin bow sights like the RL-3 lineup offers straight forward, easy to operate options for bowhunters. 

Multi Pin Advantages 

  • Straight forward - pins for 20,30,40 etc...
  • No adjustments needed 

Multi Pin Disadvantages 

  • No exact yardage
  • Busy sight housing/picture

Best of Both Worlds? 

We have several offers that touch on the advantages of both single pins and multi pins by offering a multi pin slider. Several of our bow sights like the RL-2 3 Pin Slider or the RL-2 DTM Slider offers either 3 or 5 pin options to allow you to have multi pins, but still the option to dial in exact yardage!  The new Torch bow sight offers the best of both worlds. It keeps the sight housing clean with just two vertical pins, gives you a backup pin that is adjustable, and allows you to dial in these two pins to the exact yardage. 

If you are still having trouble deciding what category of sight to choose, give us a call and we will be happy to help! 

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