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Slider Bow Sight Tape Setup

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Slider Bow Sight Tape Setup

Redline Bowhunting Slider Bow Sight Tape Setup

Wess Brown covers applying sight tape to Redline Slider bow hunting sights in the RL-1 and RL-2 Series of bow sights.

Sighting Procedure to Determine Proper Yardage Tape Selection

We have included many yardage tapes to use with your new Redline slider bow sight. With the large number of variables involved in arrow configurations, we have provided a baseline of tapes that will get you close to the proper tape array, but these tapes may not always be exact due to the variables in your individual setup.


The surefire way to make certain you correctly sight in your bow with your Redline slider bow sight is to begin by sighting in at 20 yards.

Once you have sighted in at 20 yards, move back to 30, 40, 50, and 60 yards, or out to whatever maximum distance you are comfortable with. Once you verify each yardage, mark each point on your blank white tape with a pen or marker to signify that the yardage has been verified. The sight comes with the blank white tape already installed.

Once you have completed verifying and marking your yardages, use our sight tapes to match each yardage you verified to the marks on the included tapes. If you cannot find a yardage tape that works from the ones we provided, we suggest you reach out to your local archery shop as they may have access to other yardage tapes or utilize one of the many custom yardage tape programs on the internet.

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