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Vertical 2 Pin Slider Bow Sight Setup Tips - The Torch

Vertical 2 Pin Slider Bow Sight Setup Tips - The Torch

Interested in switching to the new 2023 Torch 2-pin slider bow sight? In this shop video Wess Brown covers some tips for setting up the vertical 2-pin and using a 2-pin slider bow sight setup that the Torch features. Whether you are utilizing the torch at 20-30, or 20-40, or bigger gaps in the yardage, or utilizing the double indicators for multiple arrow setups. you can dial in your equipment for a range of situations and shot opportunities.

Wess explains in detail how he has the Torch dialed in for whitetail hunting...with the top pin at 27 yards, and his bottom adjustable pin for 40 yards. Allowing him to not move the slider in all applications from 20,30, to and 40 yards. With 3 inch deviation between 20 yards/35 yards, you could easily hold over/under for anticipating that, or without thinking still easily within vitals for a shot to bring that game down.We designed the Torch for bowhunting, giving it the features it needs for extremely effective, easy, and precise shooting in hunting situations. Are you making the switch?

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