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HuntStand - Best New Compound Hunting Bows Of 2022

  • 1 min read

HuntStand - Best New Compound Hunting Bows Of 2022

The results are in! Three special awards. Six new-for-2022 premium compound bows. One massive, revealing field test. Which bows took home the honors? Watch this video to find out. And don’t forget to check back in the coming days and weeks, to view individual videos highlighting each of the tested bows: the Elite EnVision, Prime Inline 3, Bear Refine EKO, Bowtech SR350, PSE EVO XF 30, and the Mathews V3X 33.

Bow Test Accessories Included Redline Bowhunting Products...the all-new Redline RL-1 10-inch Stabilizer, and a Redline RL-3 5-Pin Dovetail Sight.

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