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Bow Hunting Virginia Gobblers - Redline Hunts

  • 1 min read

Bow Hunting Virginia Gobblers - Redline Hunts

Redline Bowhunting's Field Producer and "The Shop" host Wess Brown hits Virginia Turkey Season with his PSE decked out in Redline gear, looking for his turkey with the new line of 2022 bow accessories.

Wess's Bow Setup includes:

  • PSE Evo XF 33
  • RL-2 Single Pin Bow Sight
  • Rl-1 Carbon 6 Arrow Quiver
  • RL-1 12" Stabilizer, Back Bar - 8" Stabilizer
  • Swhacker #261 Levi Morgan Signature Series Broadhead
  • Black Eagle Carnivore Arrow

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