Should You Switch to a Dovetail Bow Sight?

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Should You Switch to a Dovetail Bow Sight?

Dovetail V.S. Bracket Mount Bow Sights

Have you been recently thinking about switching to a dovetail bow sight? Resident Bow Tech and "The Shop" host Wess Brown discusses dovetail bow sights versus bracket sights. What do you run? Why have you been thinking about making the switch?

Bracket mounted bow sights are strong, simple, and easy, something that is very easy to mount and use. The RL-1 Carbon Bracket Mounted sight is lightweight, extremely rugged and again, simple and easy to use! Dovetail sights are popular as they can bring a smaller sight picture moved out further away from the riser, the "aim small, miss small mentality" maximized...a dovetail can also be removed and protected during travel in a bow case, a key point in traveling around for shoots or hunts. The RL-2 Dovetail 3 and 5 Pin sight, and New RL-2 DTM Single and 3 Pin bow sight are both extremely durable, extremely lightweight slider bow sights for someone looking to make the dovetail switch!

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